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Xi’an Famous Foods

Yet again, the food was much too delicious to take the time to snap a photo.  There are a couple of clips from the Travel Channel and the Cooking Channel on Xi’an Famous Foods Homepage.  I hadn’t realized that there several locations in New York City.  There are two in Flushing and two in Manhattan.  I went to the one inside the Flushing Mall Food Court and since I was running errands in Flushing, I got my order to go.  Yes, it is the stall that has the picture of Anthony Bourdain framed in front.  Although I have had their hand pulled noodles before (excellent), I had a hankering for the cumin lamb burger.  I ordered their Liang Pi, which is a spicy cold noodle dish.  I’ve been craving Liang Pi ever since my parents said they ordered it from a restaurant in San Gabriel, California.  From the Xi’an Famous Foods page:


Museum of Natural History sells Insect Amber Pops

I was assisting in a Fright at the Museum scavenger hunt at the American Museum of Natural History yesterday and I was looking at the staff favorite picks at the museum shop.  I did get quite a fright when I saw the chocolate covered insects.  They even had meal worms and insects in a lollipop and boxes of flavored crickets.  Sour Cream n’ Onion or Bacon Cheddar!  They are made by Hotlix.  I’d like to see you eat these on camera, Andrew Zimmern, Anthony Bourdain, and Jeff Corwin!

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