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Flor de Mayo

This picture was taken about eight months ago but I need to give Flor de Mayo it’s due.  I was chatting with a colleague in the break room and we were talking about Chinese food.  Since we work on the Upper West Side, he said, “I was craving Chinese food so I went to Flor de Mayo.”  I knew what he was talking about but it just sounded strange.  I actually have never tried the Chinese food there.  I always opt for the Peruvian side of the menu, the Aji de Gallina-Shredded chcken cooked in special spicy sauce with cheese and walnuts.  I always order the green rice with it.

Aji de Gallina with green rice


Top 10 Ruled out Chinese Cooking Show Names

While daydreaming and thinking about what I might name my own Chinese food cooking show if I ever had a shot at being on The Next Food Network Star,  I compiled my top 10 list of the names I ruled out.  Here goes:

  • 10. Chimerica’s Test Kitchen
  • 9. We’re Wok-king, We’re Wok-king
  • 8. Wok-ka Wok-ka!
  • 7. Panda Panisse
  • 6. Rice, Rice, Baby
  • 5. Ain’t No Butter Here (But Us Chinese Chickens) [The song]
  • 4. Who’s General Tso?
  • 3. Please Pass the MSG
  • 2. Everyday Real Throwin’ Down Home Molto 30-minute Semi-barefoot Quick Iron Fixing Good Chinese Eats
  • 1. Chop Your Own Suey

And there it is, boys and girls!

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