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Crème Brûlée Cappuccino

This post begins my homage to California.  Some people may think of California as the land of Arnold Schwarzenegger, SUV’s and surfer dudes but as a California native, I especially appreciate California as an agricultural and culinary oasis.  The freshest fruits and vegetables all year around, perfect weather, mountains and ocean in one scene, and people who are generally laid back, casual, and friendly.

I was reunited with a good friend during my vacation to California.  We hadn’t seen each other in years and I was amazed when she asked me if I would be in California at the exact time that I planned to be there!  We managed to see each other the morning that she flew back to Indiana with her husband and two young daughters.  Her husband was kind enough to let me take her for a couple of hours.  We ended up at one of her favorite coffee shops.  This was no ordinary coffee shop.  Barefoot Coffee Roasters serves a Crème Brûlée Cappuccino that I am craving as I write this post.  I have yet to find another coffee shop that will sprinkle fine sugar over your cappuccino and take a torch to it.  You get the thrill of breaking through burnt sugar without the guilt of eating a cream custard along with the reward of a seriously delicious cappuccino!  Perhaps I can find this drink somewhere in New York City.  I’ll have fun trying, at any rate.

Creme Brulee Cppuccino from Barefoot Coffee



I’m sitting inside MacarOn in Midtown, one of my favorite places for coffee. It’s on 36th at 8th Ave. Sandwiches and Salads are made to order. Coffee and milk are organic. MacarOns are gluten free. French pastries, sandwiches, and salads, incredible tasting coffee. Add the WordPress app for iPhone into the equation and what else could a girl in NYC ask for? MacarOn Café

Let me get back to my coffee now.


Lunch at Bouchon

I have never been to French Laundry in Napa Valley or any other of Thomas Keller’s reputable restaurants, such as Per Se, located inside the Time Warner Center at Columbus Circle.  But his Bouchon Bakery (also at Time Warner) is on my list of things that act as anti-depressants for me, along with puppies and chocolate anything, of course.  When Lea, my best friend from college, said that she wanted to eat her way through New York, I knew instantly that I would take her to Bouchon.  We stopped there for lunch and I had what I remember the waiter calling a Wagyu Steak Sandwich with Tomato Marmalade and Basil Pesto.  Sometimes genius can be misunderstood but there was no misunderstanding between me and this sandwich!  Ultra-tender beef and cheese melted between the perfectly toasted baguette dressed with the sweet tomato on the top and basil pesto on the bottom.  If there was a scale of delectability…

Lea had the Corned Beef Sandwich and later we grabbed some of the desserts from the counter to go.  It’s also my favorite place to go for coffee.  Bouchon coffee paired with browsing books at Borders makes for an affordable luxury for the starving artist in NYC!

red2 Bouchon steak sand

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