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Friend of a Farmer

I’m not a huge birthday party person but having a birthday is a great excuse for people to get together and eat.  It took one month to coordinate schedules with Molly and Dave, my friends who work in the TV and film industry.  Molly’s birthday had also passed within that one month.  We went to Friend of a Farmer on Irving Place.  Although they had outdoor seating, it was muggy that day so we chose to sit inside.  The decor was so very country and homey, and gave off a really warm vibe.  It is literally warm during winter because they have a working fireplace.  They brought us cornbread with apple butter on a square cast iron pan.  I ordered the Chicken Pot Pie because I was attracted by the lattice top.  Dave had the Shepherd’s Pie, Molly had the Mac n’ Cheese, and we ordered a side of roasted Brussels Sprouts for the table.  The food was alright but I had eaten there maybe a year and a half ago and remember being more impressed then.  I think  had one of their specials previously.  The pot pie was good, though.  After dinner Dave took us to see the house that Washington Irving lived in, right on 17th and Irving Place.  There’s a large bronze plaque right above the sign for the Japanese restaurant!

Cornbread with Apple Butter

Cornbread with Apple Butter

Chicken Pot Pie (backlighting by Molly)

Chicken Pot Pie (backlighting by Molly)


Savory Food, Savory Friendships

I was talking with a friend the other night and we were noticing that the friends we feel closer to and more comfortable with are the ones that really enjoy food.  And not just really enjoy food, I mean have a passion for it.  Our eyes light up when we decide on what cuisine to dine on when we go out to a meal.  We get excited when planning a menu when we cook for our friends.  It’s not that we are all domestic goddesses.  It’s not that we can’t get together without eating…wait, actually, some type of food or drink is usually involved in our socializing.  Is it that we can bond over the anticipation of the food arriving at the table or is it that we can let our guard down faster when our taste buds are distracting us?  Or are we just plain happier when our bellies are full?

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