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Coupon for UFC (Unidentified Flying Chickens)

There’s a Groupon for UFC (Korean fried chicken) in Jackson Heights.  It’s only available for four more hours.  Their chicken is out of this world.  I went there quite a few months ago with some coworkers to celebrate a promotion.  We ordered a whole chicken and the Soy Garlic drumsticks as well as the Chicken Dukboki (rice noodles with chicken, onion, and spicy sauce).  Seriously delicious and addictive.

Drumsticks and a Whole Chicken

Chicken Dukboki


Woorijip (If the Hansons were Korean brothers)

I visited one of my favorite places to get Korean food in K-town/Murray Hill tonight. Delicious prepared Korean food at fast food prices can be had at Woorijip on 32nd Street.  I hadn’t eaten there in quite a few months and was pleasantly surprised to see that they had remodeled.  While still long and narrow, Woorijip seems to have made some extra space for customers to sit.  I have my staples there including various types of kimbap (Korean sushi rolls), japchae (sauteed glass noodles), and jigae (tofu stew).  They have  a hot food line for which you pay by the pound and a hot noodle bar in the back, as well.  I needed something light so I had vegetable kimbap and a cup of spinach and tofu soup.  I had the Hanson song “MMMbop” running through my head.  If they were Korean, they would sing, “Kim-bap…bap, bap, doo-wop” (etc, etc).  Mmmmm.  Yummy.  The names of Korean food fit nicely into the song!  Listen to MMMbop.


Gettin’ Jigae With It

One of the best parts of Midtown is K-town (Korea town) on 32nd Street, or I suppose it is more Murray Hill.  After a meeting in Midtown, I met some friends at Seoul Garden for dinner to celebrate my new job!  They specialize in Korean BBQ and natural tofu (Jigae).   We decided not to do the BBQ that night mostly because I was feeling lazy and didn’t feel like grilling my own meat at the table.  We ordered a couple of appetizers: the beef dumplings (Mandoo) and the seafood pancake (Pajun) and a couple of entrees: tofu stew (Jigae) and the marinated short ribs (Galbi).  Of course the dinner was accompanied by the traditional side dishes (Ban Chan).  There was Kim Chi, seaweed, fish, string beans, bean sprouts, and a particularly tasty zucchini/egg dish that I never had before.  Dinner was really calm and relaxing until a party of 20 was seated next to us.  Luckily we were finished by then and made our exit.  I’ve eaten more Korean food in 4 years in New York than I have during all the rest of my life.  I love gettin’ Jigae with it!   [Listen to Will Smith]

Seoul Garden

Seoul Garden

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