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Rupert Sighting!!

I saw Rupert of the Hello Deli yesterday while I was walking down Broadway at 62nd St. He was walking with his business partner, Mei. I thought about saying hello but I was on my way to meet a friend for dinner. Plus, I wanted to avoid the potential awkwardness of, “Hey, remember me? My friends and I ate at your deli and my friend’s mom asked if you were single? Yeah, isn’t that great?” and getting a blank look from them. Then they’d feel obligated to do the, “Oh yes, how are you, nice to see you, etc.” just to be polite thing. Or who knows, maybe they would remember that time!


Hello Deli and Hello Rupert!

Any David Letterman fan would probably go around the corner from the Ed Sullivan Theatre to visit Rupert at the Hello Deli.  That is exactly what my friend Lea and her parents did.  I had a pretty awesome turkey sandwich on 7 grain bread.  There is a small seating area inside the tiny place and tons of tourists came by with cameras in hand to get a picture with Rupert while we were lunching.  My friend’s mother is highly extroverted and talked to the guitarist in the Letterman band when she walked in.  Mother Leong also began her work as matchmaker by saying, “I wonder if he’s single,” and tried to get the skinny on Rupert.  “He wouldn’t tell me how old he is,” she returned to us saying, “He’s too old for you, Alicia.”  She did find out that both her and his family are from the same province in China (Guangdong, the southernmost province).  Rupert and his business partner, Mei, at Hello Deli are really sweet people.  I may just go back there.  No, not just to see Rupert *sheesh* but because they do have a pretty good looking menu for a corner deli, including meatloaf!  Plus, where else can you go to get the Letterman Special?

Rupert, Lea, and Alicia at the Hello Deli

Rupert, Lea, and Alicia at the Hello Deli

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