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La Pequeña Colombia in Jackson Heights

After a nice unexpected call from a friend, we decided to try something in Jackson Heights.  Although Kai hails from Chinatown, he was in the mood for some Latin food.  And, he wasn’t complaining about the presence of Latin women in the restaurant and neighborhood.  He got a recommendation for La Pequeña and after checking Urban Spoon, I agreed to try it.  I had been wanting to try a new Colombian restaurant since I live in the heart of Little Colombia but I don’t have many friends who are willing to trek out to Queens just to eat.  La Pequeña had a nice variety of entrees on their menu.  I wanted to try their soup of the day but they were out.  After consulting our server about her recommendations, I basically just asked Kai, “Which mound of meat would you like to order?”  We ordered a Platos Tipicos and another steak dish.  It came with bread, salad, beans, rice, eggs, chicharron, and arepas.  I couldn’t stop from stuffing myself, the food was so good.  I need to learn how to cook rice the Colombian way.  I’m used to cooking it with water only but I believe Colombians add onion, garlic, salt, and oil to the water.  Anyone have a recipe?  Please see pictures below.

Bread Basket and Sauces

Platters of juicy, tender, delicousness- not for vegetarians!


Frankie and Johnny’s

So Molly and I got all dolled up for speed dating and then the event got cancelled.  We did, however, get to spend time with Frankie and Johnny.  Frankie and Johnny’s Steakhouse is on 37th Street between 5th and 6th Ave.  There are two levels with the bar on the bottom level.  Molly and I each ordered a Caesar Salad and shared a dish call Steak Bits that was not on the menu.  They also brought us a beautiful bread basket.  The Caesar Salad was very fresh and the dressing was nice and light.  The steak bits were served on toasts and were perfectly done medium rare.  No steak sauce needed.  Seriously delicious.  We also stopped by The Strand rooftop for a great view of the Empire State Building.  It’s really ok that speed dating was cancelled.  Instead of meeting beefy hunks, we ate bits of steak.

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