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Watermelon Pinkberry- Summer in a Cup

I hadn’t been to Pinkberry in quite a while. Molly and I were supposed to go Speed Dating last week but the event was canceled at the last minute. We decided to go shopping instead, have a nice dinner and catch up (stay tuned for the Frankie and Johnny’s post). We went walking up the West Side Highway from West 4th Street to 14th and since it was such a muggy night, we set Pinkberry as our destination. I sampled the watermelon yogurt and although it was absolutely delicious, I stuck with the original flavor. I did change it up, however, as I had strawberry, mochi, and watermelon (instead of blueberries). I was delighted to see that the pricing structure had changed. Toppings are no longer charged individually. The summer special looked awesome, though I’m not sure about the cucumber combo. I’ll try it next time. Anyways, it’s seriously summer in a cup. Go get yourself some!


Speed Dating at Popburger

I managed to get a friend, Molly, to sign up for speed dating with me.  We signed up for Speed Dating for Christians since faith is a priority for us in our search for potential dates that hopefully lead us to our mates.  I’m debating which part was juicier- the hamburgers or the dates?  We signed up through NY Easy Dates and the event was held at upstairs lounge in Popburger on E. 58th Street, just below the Fifth Avenue Apple Store.  I think that the burgers gave me more satisfaction than the 12 men that I had 6 minutes each with.  If you’ve never participated in speed dating, the women are seated at individual tables and the men rotate around the room and have 6 minutes to talk with each girl.  The facilitator rang her gong at each interval, as she had left her bell at the previous speed dating event.  The fries were battered and addictive.  The sliders were delicious.  Cooked to perfection, they were juicy and tasty.  The buns were nice, hearty and flavorful as well.  We were served the hamburgers and the portobello sliders.  Both were excellent.

As for the dating part, here’s a snippet from the evening:

Molly: So what church do you go to?

Speed Dater: I go to St. Patrick’s.

Molly: Oh, how do you like Father Dolan?

Speed Dater: Who?

While Molly and I left the event feeling somewhat discouraged, I actually did my due diligence and went to the website to choose my matches.  NY Easy Dates only releases or email address if both parties mutually choose each other on the website.  I  ended up with one match!  Now if I can just bring myself to email the guy…

Hmmm, at any rate, I will definitely return to Popburger for a bite sometime.

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